iBlockchain Summit 2018 Wrapped Up: Impact And Opportunity

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iBlockchain Summit 2018 Wrapped Up: Impact And Opportunity

iBlockchain Summit, which was held from May 18-19 in Great China International Square, was a huge success with over 3,000 visitors attending. The Summit attracted blockchain enthusiasts from home and abroad to exchange insights on the hottest trend ‘blockchain’ this year. What will happen when blockchain regulation, transparency, smart contracts, government cooperation, fintech and cryptocurrencies meet the new Chinese markets? Let’s see what our honored speaker said.

This time, we were happy to share to the Chinese audience the impact and opportunities of blockchain, the future of capital markets through blockchain, blockchian changing the future supply chain, blockchain changing the blogger native advertising market, and decentralized high quality market feedback platform, etc.

iBlockchain Summit 2018 Team Slide

“The event was really well run and the panels were really well run, I am happy to participate in any future panels or speaking events again”, said by Brian Kanda, founder at Florachain.

iBlockchain Summit 2018 Man And Woman

iBlockchain Summit will keep looking for good speakers and companies to bring diversified insights and knowledge to this unique and very important Chinese market.

Thanks again for all our sponsors who are Smarter Than Crypto, Florachain, Review Network and Efir. Thank you all to our media for your consistent support. Welcome to join us next time. Contact us at [email protected]

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