Jason Attar Takes Cryptocurrency to the Big Screen in New Mockumentary

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Jason Attar Takes Cryptocurrency to the Big Screen in New Mockumentary
Jason Attar Takes Cryptocurrency to the Big Screen in New Mockumentary

Award-winning comedian, actor, writer and director Jason Attar is once again heading for the big screen with his new project KevCoin: The Movie. A follow-up to his previous film One Night in Powder, Attar will don the guise of his infamous character Kevin Powder — a rock star “fixer” who’s constantly trying to reinvent himself through wild schemes — and take on the world of digital finance as he seeks out fame and riches.

Shot over 35 days on the streets of Peckham in the U.K., KevCoin: The Movie is filmed in a mockumentary style, with many real people playing themselves and being co-opted into the film. The plot centers around Kevin Powder as he attempts to build his own cryptocurrency, which he can use to fund his latest movie idea and boost its reputation.

Attar told Bitcoin Magazine,  “This is the second of three films. We want the next film to be shot in Detroit, where Kevin finds real people to create the world’s biggest crypto-party to end all parties. We will only do this if we find suitable cash resources to film the project. Ideally, the funds will come from how we develop KevCoin in the future, and possibly doing some kind of fundraising involving our token.”

Indeed, lead actor Attar is already looking ahead to the next movie in the series. “We do, in fact, have one very strong idea around this already, and depending on the success of this project, we could possibly start this next phase in 2019. It is all dependent on making KevCoin: The Movie work and learning from it. We’re merely experimenting at this point, but we will start to firm up our plans in the near future for a platform that connects audiences to independent films in a social way.”

KevCoin: The Movie

The story begins when Kevin’s girlfriend, Bianca, finally breaks it off after months of instability. Finding himself in between homes and looking to start fresh, Kevin gets his hands on a small camper van and heads out to the nearby city of Peckham, a gritty southeast region of London stuffed with nightclubs, bars and other seedy hangouts.

During this time, Kevin decides to take his love of science fiction to a new level by creating his own fantasy film, which he’ll call The Day Peckham Stood Still. Unfortunately, the movie industry is tougher than it looks, and not everyone’s enthused by his idea, leaving Kevin to find a new route to fund his project. It isn’t long before he gets the idea to build a trillion-dollar token — a path that bears more foul-ups than fortune.

The focus of the film is KevCoin, a real cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token. The film’s premiere is set for Wednesday, June 27, 2018, in London, after which it will be released directly to the crypto community the following day. Those interested in seeing the film can visit kevcointhemovie.com to view a live stream.

Audiences can also download and keep the film for $5. Fiat and crypto (naturally) are accepted, and each purchase entitles the buyer to roughly 5,000 KevCoins. Visitors will also have access to film-related merchandise that they can purchase to garner more tokens, thus theoretically boosting its appeal and establishing it as a real-world virtual asset.

Creating a Social Filmmaking Network via Crypto

Attar has been performing in improvised comedy for over two decades. His big-screen debut came three years ago with the release of his film One Night in Powder, though Attar has numerous television credits to his name including Marshal’s Law and Spaced. He’s been intrigued by cryptocurrency ever since his first bitcoin purchase from a hacker at a London railway, and he believes it can empower the film industry in ways traditional financing and crowdfunding can’t.

“This is just the start of the crypto revolution,” said Attar. “There is still so much space within this environment to try new things. We know there are already entertainment-based tokens vying for space, but we feel we might be able to develop a social filmmaking network via crypto and the blockchain.

“We think the idea that you involve the audience at the earliest opportunity in the filmmaking process leads to the audience feeling they have a real stake in the project, and thus they become advocates and part of the journey.”


This article originally appeared on Bitcoin Magazine.

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