Blue Wallet Bitcoin Lightning Network Wallet Review

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Blue Wallet Bitcoin Lightning Network Wallet Review

I've been testing Blue Wallet on main net for almost a week now. I tried every possible service with incoming and outgoing payments. I converted BTC with zigzag back and force, I tipped here, I used yalls, I played multiple games, and used maybe a dozen other things multiple times. I tested with anything and anybody I could find. The LN payments worked every single time, never failed once. On average payments took 1-2 seconds, feels much faster than a credit card. Scanning QR codes was painless and fast. I didn't have to fill out anything, like with credit cards, I didn't have to worry about my information stolen, or the amount to be incorrect. I could pay as small amounts as fractions of a cent. It was a really pleasant experience overall every time.

I know Blue Wallet is custodial, but the objective of the testing was to see if LN can be a reliable method for everyday spending. And I can categorically say that it is. It's better than any other payment method in many ways. I highly recommend you trying it out as well with a small amount of funds.

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