List of plug'n'play full nodes (Bitcoin + Lightning) on a dedicated hardware

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List of plug'n'play full nodes (Bitcoin + Lightning) on a dedicated hardware

Here is a reference list of all plug'n'play Bitcoin full nodes known to me, most of them include Lightning functionality as well. Please note that those are for a very specific usecase: namely, for people who want a node on a dedicated device (running 24/7, not interfering with work on their pc/laptop) AND don't want to (or cannot) build their own dedicated node, or just want to have customer support in case things go wrong in the set-up process.

If you just want to run a node on your pc/laptop, it's as easy as downloading the Bitcoin Core software here and let it sync (which takes a while). If you want to build a dedicated device on your own (it's not as hard as you might think!), you can have it much cheaper than in the list below (for $100-150) and there are a number of excellent guides available, too. Most prominent ones are Beginner’s Guide to ️⚡Lightning️⚡ on a Raspberry Pi and RaspiBlitz. If you are more interested in Lightning Network, also check out Pierre's Node Launcher (for Mac and Windows).

So if you are still interested in spending money on a node and saving you the efforts of setting up everything by yourself, here are the options available to you (I'm not affiliated with either of those):

By Lightning In A Box (homepage, Twitter):

They have three main models available:

Lightning In A Box, $399.99: Bitcoin Core + Lightning node + BTCPay server preinstalled, generally better hardware (500GB SSD, 4 GB RAM)

Raspiblitz, $249.99: Bitcoin Core + Lightning node (Raspberry Pi, LCD screen, 1TB HDD)

BTCPi, $179.99: BTCPay server with LND pre-installed (Raspberry Pi, custom case)

By Bitseed (homepage, Twitter):

Bitseed 3, $359.00: Bitcoin Core node, 1TB HDD, user-friendly interface

By Nodl (homepage, Twitter):

Nodl, $399: 500GB/1TB HDD choice, Bitcoin Core + LND + BTCPay server pre-installed

By Casa (homepage, Twitter):

Casa node, $300: Bitcoin Core + Lightning, custom UI, Raspberry Pi with custom case, 1TB HDD, probably(!) most professional support from the list, given their team

By Samourai (homepage, Twitter):

Dojo, coming soon (it looks similar to the Bitseed model, probably integrating the same board/hardware)
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