Thank you for the support. Knowledge is power

Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet
Thank you for the support. Knowledge is power

Wow. I'm overwhelmed with all the support and encouragement I've received on the post about my new Bitcoin QR codes. Very grateful for this community and feeling welcomed! Although there have been a few "upvotedbecausegirl" jokes made 😏 I think the main reason it received so much attention was because it represents real people utilizing Bitcoin as it was designed to be used. I have very little technical knowledge but I see the value in adopting Bitcoin for the long term peace and freedom of humanity. When I first mentioned to other business owners in my community that I was considering accepting Bitcoin I was literally laughed at. "How about chocolate coins?!" There was a lot of stigma around the subject. I chose to go ahead anyway. Over the last week I have had four people reach out to me asking me how they can accept Bitcoin at their establishments! Very cool to be able to break stigma and help others 💕 to learn about lightning..

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