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Sign up with the link on the insert coins page to receive 2500 sat. Also, we've added more payment options so you can get started with as little as 1000 sat now! https://www.luckythunder.com/#/ …
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CCN     •     Sun, 31 Mar 2019 23:30:07 +0000
“My name is David Siegel, I am a regulatory refugee from the United States.” This is how David Siegel, founder of crypto projects Pillar and 20|30, starts his presentations. What challenges have…
Crypto New Media     •     Sun, 31 Mar 2019 16:26:48 PDT
Crypto New Media Press Bitcoin [BTC] has had an eventful 10 years. However, arguably more exciting than its concept and technology is the hunt for Bitcoin’s elusive creator: Satoshi Nakamoto. Ov…

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