Bitcoin Price Leaps Resistance Hurdle in Weekend Breakout

CoinDesk     •     Mon, 08 Apr 2019 10:00:23 +0000
Bitcoin’s breakout from $5,050 resistance has defied overbought indicators and set a new target of $5,550 for the bulls. News     •     Mon, 08 Apr 2019 21:26:00 +0100
While many project leaders are concerned about Bitmain’s monopoly and have upgraded their networks to make them ASIC-resistant, the position of Zcash remains ambivalent after the new Antminer Z…
Crypto New Media     •     Mon, 08 Apr 2019 13:29:05 PDT
Crypto New Media Press Ocean Protocol, the data sharing platform powered by blockchain technology connecting individuals, industries, startups, governments and data, and AI experts, announced today…
Crypto New Media     •     Mon, 08 Apr 2019 13:31:08 PDT
Crypto New Media Press The advantage of bubbles, when they pop, is that they make it possible to do a big spring cleaning. And, on the side of the mining services provider, we can say that the purge…

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