We’d Never Have Seen Kate Middleton Look so ‘Normal’ Without Meghan Markle

CCN.com     •     May 22, 2020, 3:24 pm
We'd never have seen Kate Middleton look so "normal" if it hadn't been for Meghan Markle. But are Kate's efforts working?
CCN.com     •     May 22, 2020, 2:33 pm
Nintendo is really riding high right now with the success of Animal Crossing and the Switch, but how long will it last?
Cointelegraph.com News     •     May 22, 2020, 3:46 pm
The economic crisis caused by the coronavirus outbreak has clearly shown the advantages of the decentralized technologies and cryptocurrency
Cointelegraph.com News     •     May 22, 2020, 1:38 pm
Third-party actors step in to impersonate the digital yuan officials, hoping to attract gullible investors
CoinDesk     •     May 22, 2020, 12:00 pm
The cryptocurrency industry just gained an organized structure for collaborating with world leaders, thanks to the World Economic Forum.

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