President Macron Could Leverage Blockchain to Transform Lebanon Aid

Share: News     •     August 10, 2020, 4:18 pm
Blockchain technology has the potential to bring transparency to the deployment of financial aid.
CoinDesk     •     August 10, 2020, 6:20 pm
Publicly traded brokerage firm Interactive Brokers has agreed to pay multi-million dollar penalties to the SEC, FINRA and CFTC for failure to flag suspicious transactions and lapses in AML compliance.
CoinDesk     •     August 10, 2020, 4:50 pm
Traders are expecting bitcoin to go higher. DeFi is surging in web traffic. And Cosmos is alive and well, despite internal feuding.     •     August 10, 2020, 6:06 pm
Goldman Sachs has raised its GDP and employment forecasts for 2021 as it expects a vaccine to be approved in the coming months.

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