Coronavirus Driving Interest in CBDCs, Say Central Bank Chiefs

CoinDesk     •     November 6, 2020, 3:16 pm
Central banks meeting in Russia said the coronavirus pandemic is a driving force behind growing interest in national digital currencies. News     •     November 6, 2020, 7:05 pm
According to crypto analytic firm ByteTree, the popular stock-to-flow model is not a reliable indicator for Bitcoin’s long term price action. News     •     November 6, 2020, 9:24 pm
Cash usage has declined in Norway since COVID-19, but physical currency also carries strengths that CBDCs may lack.
Crypto new media     •     November 7, 2020, 5:25 am
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Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet     •     November 7, 2020, 3:07 am
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