Ether Trades Above $500 for the First Time Since July 2018

CoinDesk     •     November 20, 2020, 9:10 am
Ethereum's native token ether has jumped to 28-month highs, taking year-to-date gains to nearly 290%.
CoinDesk     •     November 20, 2020, 9:00 am
Japanese banking giant MUFG plans to launch its blockchain payment network across the country in 2021 with U.S.-based fintech company Akamai.
Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet     •     November 20, 2020, 4:38 am
submitted by /u/j0-hn-dea-ux [link] [comments] News     •     November 19, 2020, 4:34 pm
Bank of England policymaker Andy Haldane believes a widely used digital currency could have a positive impact on financial stability.

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