Even if Crypto never becomes currency, it’s still a great Hedge



Crypto is unlikely to ever truly be currency.

Yes, I said it and I will stand by this. Crypto is still complex, technical, constantly filled with garbage scams and shitcoins, and not at all user friendly.

The idea that we will one day be figuring out our grocery carts or trips to the hardware store in crypto is just hard for me and I imagine most to wrap their heads around. BUT,

Maybe Cryptohedging, Cryptobarter, Cryptocollecting, and Cryptostorage aren’t radical ideas at all. Maybe the store of value and the “only so many” effect is the real endgame from crypto. Sure I would love to one day be able to buy everything in my cheaply bought eth, but what I love more is simply holding it as a store of value and waiting to see where it takes me.

Governments are corrupt. They Overspend, Overtax, Over Borrow, and Overembezzle your money. Yes taxes are a necessity to have works that benefit the public, but we all know we’d be a lot richer if our imperial overlords weren’t blowing trillions of dollars invading countries or inventing new ways to kill each other. And we see the real world impacts. Food is shooting up FAST. Energy costs are moving up. Gasoline is going up in price when we are looking at a 9 year time frame where global dinosaur juice vehicles cease production.

It’s madness. And it’s all tied to the government wanting to regulate how your money is spent, and giving you little to no say of how it’s wasted or stolen. But Crypto? Crypto is safe, secure, lightning fast and growing, while the world fiat system is slow, declining, and constantly racing to see which country can devalue their currency in the most orderly way possible (not knowing when they will inevitably overshoot, or how to stop it once they do.)

Don’t bet the house on any crypto being a truly stable currency, at least, not any time soon. But id put money on crypto versus money in a lottery machine or a craps table any day, because the odds are much better that you’ll walk away in a better place.

May they ever be in your favor, friends.

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