New Infrastructure bill that may pass as soon as tonight is horrible for crypto!

Litecoin     •     July 29, 2021, 1:28 am
submitted by /u/AccomplishedHornet5 [link] [comments] News     •     July 29, 2021, 1:20 am
Bitcoin's defense of the $38,000 level and renewed interest from institutional investors could be a sign that the bull trend is resuming. News     •     July 28, 2021, 6:20 pm
LINA, WRX and STORJ led altcoins higher even as Bitcoin bulls encounter resistance at the $40,000 level. News     •     July 28, 2021, 12:21 pm
Mastercard keeps its focus on the digital asset industry, echoing moves by its main competitor, Visa. ( Visit us a )

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