So almost 78% of Bitcoin’s total circulating supply is illiquid. This leaves less than 22% of all mined BTC on exchanges. The metrics show that investors have been storing BTC in their custodial wallets and avoid selling.15 million BTCs are now held in self-custody. This is extremely good.

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While implementing remote work structures seems to be a priority for most tech firms, there are still some concerns about its long-term efficacy.
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TFL claimed that the airdrop receiver refused to return the funds, while the user claimed that he was on the verge of settlement with the firm when the former decided to run a smear campaign. News     •     January 10, 2023, 5:36 am
Nepalese internet and email providers have been put on notice by the country’s telco regulator to block crypto-related websites or face legal action. ( Visit us a )

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